In this pandemic scenario for the benefit of larger sections of the population Belle Vue Clinic is providing Telehealth consultation in collaboration with Advance Healthcare Foundation


How to join the Belle Vue Clinic Telehealth Consultation?


Step1: Request Telehealth Consultation

Click here to request Telehealth Consultation for you or on behalf of someone you are providing care. You can sign in using your email or phone number. You will fill-up a questionnaire about the patient’s health and request a Telehealth Consultation.


Step2: Upload Documents

Securely upload documents like current prescriptions, lab reports, ECG and x-ray images. If you are using a smart phone with camera, you can take pictures during the upload process.


Step3: Pay Online

Make payment for your Telehealth consultation using the secure payment gateway to Belle Vue Clinic. Belle Vue Clinic healthcare professionals will evaluate your request and setup a Telehealth video consultation with you. You will receive the video consultation schedule by email in 1-2 days. 


Step4: Telehealth video consultation with Doctor

You will receive detailed instruction in the Telehealth Video consultation email on how to download Microsoft Teams software in preparation for your telehealth consultation with the doctor. We suggest that you to setup the software ahead of time by following the instructions in the email, and join the telehealth consulting session at the scheduled time by clicking on the link in the email a few minutes before the consultation time with the doctor. If you have already installed Microsoft Teams on your phone or computer, then it is not necessary to install the software again. Once you join the session, you will be waiting in the virtual lobby, at the time of your scheduled consultation, the doctor will join. After the Telehealth consultation, the doctor’s notes and prescription if needed will be sent to you electronically. . 

Delivering healthcare service over the internet.


Who is it for?

As a patient or caregiver for patient you can request for a Telehealth consultation and be seen by a doctor from the comfort of your home. The Belle Vue Clinic Telehealth team will determine if Telehealth will be possible, or in-person consultation will be necessary.


Who are the doctors providing Telehealth Consultation at Belle Vue Clinic?

Telehealth consultation is provided by real doctors at Belle Vue Clinic. The list of doctors is provided at the Belle Vue Clinic website.


What do I need to avail Telehealth consultations from Belle Vue Clinic?

You can avail the Telehealth consultation over the internet using a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. Quality of the video may depend on your internet connection speed.


Will I get a prescription for medicine based on my Telehealth consultation?

Yes, if the doctor is prescribing medication then you will receive the prescription electronically.


Click here to request Telehealth Consultation